Whelton MethodsTM

Results/Cash Based Clinic

Business School


The Most Profitable Cash Based Physical Therapy Business Model in the Industry by a Factor of Three  

The First Ever Hybrid Clinical and Business Course  


What You Will Learn?

  1. How to setup and run a Results Based/Cash Based Clinic step by step
  2. Instruction on exactly what to say and how to treat each patient with the most conditions seen in the outpatient setting with videos.
  3. How to grow your business into a highly profitable clinic with ~ ~70% margin (owner takes home ~70% of gross profit every month)
  4. Patients will gladly pay for the results they seek, in this course you will learn to charge and get $525-$650 an hour and have your patients thank you for changing their lives


What is Included?

  1. A 5-hour webinar with instructional videos with step by step clinical and business instruction
  2. You will receive a PowerPoint with clinical and business video instructions
  3. Start-up materials including clinic intake forms, pricing template, end of month financial reconciliation spreadsheets, recommendations for payroll companies etc
  4. Step by step instruction on how to trouble shoot the common issues that arise


How Much Will it Cost?

$2,995 ($5,000 value) materials to be downloaded 


How Will It Improve My Life?

  1. Stop being so stressed working for almost unsustainable insurance breadcrumbs from insurance companies
  2. With a clinic with high margins, you will have more peace of mind as you are not struggling to pay your bills every month
  3. A better lifestyle for you and your family to take vacations and be happy!
  4. Accelerate healing

***Prerequisites to Take this Course

The entire business model is based on clinical results so you must be able to 1. Get at least 90% of your patients better that has failed everything with Dr. Whelton’s Rehab Results Course

Get the majority of patients out of pain immediately using the Myofascial Referral Technique courses for instant pain relief. (It is recommended you at least take the Beginner Myofascial Referral Technique but strongly suggested that you take the more in-depth advanced Myofascial Referral Technique Courses - these are now online and can be downloaded here)

Please Note - You CANNOT open up your clinic within 15 miles of another Whelton Methods Cash/Results Based Business Model as both clinics lose. Students who abide by this policy will be able to take more of Dr. Whelton’s courses in the future.

Membership: Want to join Our amazing community and get continued support from Dr. Whelton and your colleagues who are succeeding with this business model? Dr. Whelton will not be available for email support, however, will be answering as many questions as he can in a group format.  


Membership Price: $99/Month – Cancel Anytime

What it Includes:  

  1. Access to Dr. Whelton’s private Facebook business group where he will be teaching just like he does for his Facebook clinical videos every Wednesday
  2. Get to come to Dr. Whelton’s annual live in person version of the business course with personal hands on clinical and business instruction in the Tampa bay area for only $200 (savings of $2,795)(he will be gauging the interest for this in the next year. If enough people are interested, the course will be taught live once a year
  3. Your website will be listed on Dr. Whelton’s website so he can help drive patients get to you
  4. Unlimited watching of the instructional webinar as long as you are a member


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Dr. Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., neurosurgeon, inventor of the TENS Unit, Spinal Cord Stimulator, Rhizotomy surgical procedure, author of 325 articles, 35 books and foremost expert in the world for pain says:


"Ryan Whelton is an intuitive genius, a real healer, I hope his treatment becomes a first-line treatment for most pain problems."


“This technique is going to revolutionize the physical therapy field. Having the ability to instantly relieve a patient’s pain is nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for the “Next big thing,” it is already here!”


-Chris Taylor, MPT, CSCS, MFMS, Owner/Founder of Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness, Asheville, NC


This method is amazing! I can consistently relieve 90% of my patients’ acute and chronic pain immediately, my patients are so impressed.”


-Elvira Karakozova, DPT, Owner/Doctor of Physical Therapy,  A-Game Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Co.


"This is the best course I have attended in my forty years as a physical therapist. If you want to make a difference in your patient's lives, attend this course."


- Teresa McFarlin, Physical Therapist, Little Rock, Arkansas

“Dr. Whelton’s treatment method is groundbreaking. This is the best course I have taken in my 35 years as a physical therapist. His method and understanding of the body is genius.”


 -L. Keith Owen PT, Chantilly, VA