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Shanhong, Lu, M.D., Ph.D (Holistic M.D.) Will do Telemedicine

    • Email:, Phone: (530) 925- 0565

Norm Shealy, M.D, Ph.D (Holitisc M.D.) Will do Telemedicine

Sergey Sorin, M.D. (Holistic M.D.) Will do Telemedicine




CBD Products for Stress and Pain Relief

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    • Link to Use Click here
    • Recommended Stress Relief "CBD Capsules" (Most of Dr. Whelton's female patients take between 20-50mg per dose, men take 30mg-80mg per dose)
    • Pain Relief Balm


Grounding Pillow Case for Stress and Inflammation


Fisher Wallace for Stress (Dr. Whelton Does Not Recommend 20 Mins 2x a Day, He Recommends 1 Hr 40 Mins at a Time Per Day to His Patients)


Alpha Stim for Stress


L-Theanine - for Stress


GABA - for Stress


Ashwagandha - for Stress


Gamma PEMF - for Stress (when worn on the head)  and Healing Acceleration (when worn around injured area)

    • Gamma PEMF - Click here
    • Dr. Shealy (inventor of TENS unit, Spinal Cord Stimulator published a paper on drug addiction using this device) Click here to read it